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Just when you thought Health & Safety couldn't be any easier.

We know there's not enough hours in the day and we understand that you'd rather be at the movies that Saturday evening, instead of sat behind a desk frantically trying to finish that one Risk Assessment for the new contract on Monday.

Due to the lack of hours in a day, and how frustrating it can be to get the correct documentation in place, our partners have created an Online Management Suite, that maintains and tracks your Health & Safety Performance. With easy to use, step by step generators - you can whip up a Risk Assessment & Method Statement in less than 10 minutes. Over time, the system grows and stores your data, securely - accessible by your own private and unique login details - making it even easier as you go further down the line, to create documentation specific to the your industry and the site you're working on.

Imagine creating a Risk Assessment and Method Statement for some commercial plumbing works, or a domestic roofing job... the general hazards, controls and processes of completing these jobs can be relatively similar. So why make it harder, by having to create these documents over and over and over? Let our Bespoke Software take care of it for you. Use previous documents as a template, carrying forward everything except the site specific details, such as address, contact on site - etc, placing it all in to a new document, ready to enter the site details, save it - print it - submit it.

How can the software help me? - Frequently asked questions.

General Ease of Use. The system has been developed by highly experienced professionals. We understand that not everyone is technically minded, we know how daunting software can be when it looks and behaves in such a complicated way. We've built this system so that anyone can use it, whether you're a seasoned pro, or literally have never used a computer - stage by stage software, with plenty of helpful tips and hints on the fly, mean you'll learn how to use it in minutes - and feel fully comfortable in doing so.
No discs, no installation, no hassle. We don't shroud you with tons of confusing installation discs, we don't even require you to be on a particular device. The software comes 100% installation free and requires absolutely no changes on your part, what-so-ever.
Lifetime updates. With no local installation on your computer - you might wonder, how is it ever updated? Our system runs solely from the internet. That means, we can change something in a heartbeat - and the second you refresh the page - the change is applied.
What do I need to use the software? You can use any web-enabled device, whether it's your laptop, macbook, mac computer, pc, tablet, kindle fire, iPad, iPhone, android tablet, android phone or even any up to date, standard smart phone. As long as you have an internet connection, whether by GPRS, 3G, 4G, WiFi or Ethernet - you can use our software.
How much is it? The software is priced at just £600 + VAT per year. The software is a yearly subscription and is by far the cheapest known health and safety solutions software in the UK. We also work on a recommendations scheme, where for every company you recommend to our software, and they purchase it - we'll knock 10% off your next renewal price for each and every company that comes on board through you. Why pay an external consultancy thousands of pounds per year when you can use our services, for the equivalent of as little as £11.50 per week?
It seems too good to be true. You'd be right to think that. Our software is simple to use, cheap, user friendly and get's the job done to a very high standard. We're not here to charge you an arm and a leg for it, we believe in being heavily customer focussed - and in turn, we value your happiness with our products.
How long does it take to get it? The system is completely bespoke to your company. We configure the standard documents in your package based on your industry - meaning, if you're a plumber, you don't need pest control documents. We also retrieve your company details from you, including your company logo - and build everything in together. This usually takes around 2-4 hours. Once your payment has been made, we start putting it together immediately, and in most cases - even do you the first documents free of charge - if you're currently trying to get some finished for a new contract/task. Once we're done with the set up, we send you the login details through the email - and a package including your Safety First Package certification through the post. You're then ready to begin.
As a customer, can I get anything else? As a customer, you can get discounts on training courses, including Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling and Working at Height. We also do Asbestos refresher courses - all provided with certificates. You will also have access to our professional Health & Safety Consultancy, where if you're running late for getting the documents done - you can give us a call, give us the details of the job and site, and utilise our fax-to-site service - where we do the documents for you, then send them by email to the contact on site - so you can focus less on the required documentation - and more on the job.
So what do I get in the software that's going to make my life easier? Read on below! There is a brief outline to the tools and what they do in the next section.

What tools do you get in the software?

Online Incident/Accident Reporting Has you, any of your staff/subcontractors and/or a member of the public been in an accident or suffered an injury in the workplace? This tool will allow you to record that easily and quickly - as well as report to RIDDOR if required.
Risk Assessment Generator This tool will allow you to quickly and easily create a bespoke, site specific Risk Assessment, in minutes - not hours. With a professional look and feel to the document's end result, you'll surely impress your client with clean evidence to your safe practice of work.
Method Statement Generator This tool, much like the Risk Assessment Generator will allow you to easily create a document to show your safe practices of working. The Method Statements go hand-in-hand with Risk Assessments, and upon creating the Risk Assessment, you can quickly and easily jump straight to a Method Statement for the job, transferring over all the information in one click.
COSHH Assessment Generator and Library Do you work with any sort of chemical? No problem. You don't need to sit for hours and hours revising Material Safety Data Sheets. We have an extensive library of COSHH Assessments to over and above 500 industry standard chemicals. We've also built an easy to use generator to allow you to create COSHH Assessments quickly and easily, if by some chance we haven't already done it.
Asset Maintenance Register ** The Asset Maintenance Register is an excellent piece of software to keep all of your company assets up to date on test records and stores vital information about them. Whether your assets are power drills, or 20 tonne cranes - we have the ability for you to perform your asset's tests and store easy to read records for proof of maintenance. Whether it's a Power Tool Calibration Test, or a 20,000 mile company car service - we've got the flexibility for you.
Site Safety Auditing System ** The Site Safety Auditing feature is an extended piece of the software which allows you to perform your standard company audits, whether an office DSE assessment, or an annual management audit - this tool will give you an easier way to get the job done.
Health & Safety Policy The system comes with a fully functioning Health & Safety Policy, pre-created and ready to use. The Policy is very easily modified to suit your company even more so, should you choose to modify it.
Training Records Keep a track of all the training courses your staff attends - and be alerted when they're up for renewal. With ability to upload certificates, you can access the records at any time, even from your mobile device.
Custom Downloads & Document Storage Your very own online filing cabinet. Store what you want, when you want - privately and securely. We never delete or lose your files, and they're always accessible for download.
Toolbox Talks A vast array of toolbox talks are available for you to use as and when you please, simply open it up and talk to your staff about their contents.
HACCP Plan and Assessments Work in catering? We can build in your HACCP Plans, Charts and Assessments.

** These applications are extension bolt-ons to the standard software and are available at a small, extra cost

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